Sunday, 18 December 2011

Glossybox / Boudoir Prive & Joliebox Nail Polish Review

Hiiiiii everyone!

I've painted my nails again as i couldnt wait to try out my new nail polishes!! For the base its a black glittery nail polish from but i went on the website to find the name and they no longer sell it! And over the top is the Opi shatter in gold, then on my ring finger its Debra Lipman in razzle dazzle, then over the top is Sally Hansen diamond strength. I live these nails they feel so festive! Let me know if you like them!!

Thanks for reading!
Peace, Love, Lipgloss xoxo


  1. I love your blog! I followed! Please follow me? Thanks so much! !


  2. i've always wanted to try to opi shatter but it doesnt seem to separate that much to show the colour underneath :( i love the razzle dazzle though! xxxx

  3. I think it doesnt work as well because i put it over a glittery nail polish that has a funny texture anyway! It may work better over a not so glittery nail polish!! I definatey love it though it looks much better in real life! Xx

  4. I love this look. :)love the gold finished touch to them. :)

  5. Oh I have the black polish with gold glitter by missguided too. I've never actually used it. My Sally Hansen Diamond Strength let me down and didn't help my nails at all. X

  6. Thats a shame i guess all nails are different, its working okay for me at the moment! You should try the missguided one its really nice!! X