Monday, 2 January 2012

Most Wanted Items January 2012

Hiiiiii Everyone,

I've been making a list of some beauty bits I want to invest in, in the next couple of months!
If anyone had tried any of these products and has any advice or opinions, good or bad! Let me know!!

I can't say enough good things about these nail polish collections by Beautyuk, they have 6 colours and for £4.99 they are a bargain! This is the only set I don't have so I really want to complete my collection!

I bought this from Ebay before Christmas, so hopefully it will be here soon, the packaging is so cute and I can't wait to try it!

I know this is very popular on YT and on alot of blogs at the moment but I genuinely LOVE this nail polish, I think its gorgeous! One problem, it's sold out.....EVERYWHERE! And the only place I have found to get it is Ebay, but some bottles are going for over £20.00!! I will get one, watch this space!

I have heard ALOT of good things about the Nars Lauguna bronzer, I definately want to give this a go, Nar's products are something I would like to try out alot more.

And finally... If you live in the US and many other countires (unfortunately NOT the UK) then you are very lucky as you can order this gorgeous lip and eye palette from As they don't ship to the UK I was at a loss for what to do :( Obviously I used my favourite tool....Ebay! And there are a few to buy for only £25.00 +P&P!! I am litrally determined to get one of these I will not rest until I have one safe in my hands!

I hope you liked my list, if anyone else has a most wanted list, let me know we can compare!

Or if anyone can recommend any products let me know also!

Thanks for reading!
Peace, Love & Lipgloss xoxo


  1. I loved reading you most wanted list! I really want the UD naked pallet!:)x


  2. I got the urban decay naked palette from my best friend for christmas, its so worth the money if you have the chance, get one! Ive used it everyday for the past 2 and a half weeks!! Thanks for reading, im so glad people like it!! Xoxo

  3. Those nail polishes are such nice colours! I want them!