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Boudoir Prive / Joliebox December 2011

Hiiii everyone!

Hope you are all ready for Christmas and feeling festive!

I did make a video review on this also, so if you want to check it out....

Anyway let's get started!

 OPI Gold Shatter Nail Laquer - Apply over any dry nail laquer to create a stunning "shattered" effect.

I have tried this since I recieved it, and I think it's amazing, it's a full size product and it leaves a stunning effect on your nails. Would deffinately buy more of these and I probably will in the new year!

 Mitchell & Peach Shower Wash - An invigorating shower wash containing natural english honey, Vitamin E & wheat proteins.

This smells, gorgeous! I think I would honestly buy this for myself at full price, it smells and feels so luxurious, and you can still smell it on your skin throughout the day, I loved this product, and I hope Joliebox send more of these!

New C-ID Cosmetics I-Gloss - Light up lipgloss with mirror for a non-sticky, long lasting and high glam shine.

I am in LOVE with this lipgloss I don't think you can tell from the picture but it is a beautiful colour! It's very shimmery and nude and definately up my street! I wore this to work and it stayed on all morning, the effect on your lips is very festive gold creamy shimmer glitter. And the light on the top is really handy for nights out, it's an awesome product and I am definitely going to buy some more of these!   

Jane Irdale 24-Karat Gold Dust - A multi-use shimmer powder in shade rose  gold to apply to cheeks, eyes, lips, body and even hair.

This shimmer powder is a beautiful colour, it suits me perfectly. The pot is slightly small but I did not let that stop me! Again I wore this to work with a dark brown eyeshadow and the effect was lovely. It's very versitile, it would look amazing with day or night makeup.

Yon-Ka Vital Defense - Anti aging prevention, antioxidant and anti-pollution cream to help the skin to preserve it's youthfulness.

I do not want to seem ungrateful and I realise that Boudoir Prive / Joliebox will have to cater for all ages, however I have a couple of issues with these types on product. My first issue is that they are always teeny tiny samples, you will never really know if they work unless you buy a fully size, the above tube may last twice if that, and will you notice a difference in that time? Also that I am only 22, I do not need to use this! They could work out by people's birthdates how old they are and maybe split them into different categories, as I don't believe anti-aging products are necessarily something I would want to recieve.

So far I have not tried this product however I may pass it onto my mum, to see if she would like to try it! Without insulting her!

Bonus Gifts!

Kusmi Detox Tea - A delicious blend of Mate, chinese green tea and leom grass full flavoured with lemon.

I think this a different product to send, very unexpected! However I did open this and smell it, and it smells so good! So lemony, I can imagine drinking something that smells like that! I haven't tried it yet however as I need a tea strainer which I don't have! As soon as I have tried it I will let you know, but I thought this was nice of Boudoir Prive / Joliebox, very cute!

Joliebox Concealer Brush - Designed for blending concealer, the pointed tip provodes prescision for small imperfections whilst the flat side smoothes coverage across larger areas such as under the eye.

This is a lovely little brush, I have been using this with my ELF concealer set, and it's a really cute, little mini brush, definately handbag sized brush.

All in all, I think this box was amazing! I like pretty much everything that was sent and will use them all, sometimes these boxes can be a bit hit and miss, but I would give this box a 9 out of 10.

Thanks for reading!
Peace, Love, Lipgloss xoxo

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