Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas Present Haul :)

Hiiii everyone!

So sorry I haven't posted yet this week, it's been manic! However I have a very special post for you today, as I swapped presents with my 3 best friends last week, we do it every year, we go to the pub, take it in turns open all of our presents and have a lovely girly night out! I can definitely say it was a success, we were all spoiled! However I feel especially spoilt as you will see when you look at what I got!

If you would like to see my youtube video on this, it's below!

The first thing I got was a lovely makeup bag with lots of goodies in it, it's blue and floral, like a Cath Kidston print...

Inside this makeup bag I got.....

I love all these little gifts, they are so cute. The Accessorize makeup collection packaging is so pretty, the eyeshadows are really lovely, nice colours and very pigmented. The blusher is very light pink, and looks really amazing on, it really does give me a light pink glow, this is my new favourite blusher! I have never tried Elnett hairspray, seeing as this is a mini can I will keep it in my bag for emergencies! Also can't wait to use the facemask, I will show you what it looks like when I put it on, but I think they are really fun!

Next I got a couple of things for my filofax....

There are some really cure mulicoloured notepaper from Paperchase, I can't express my love for Paperchase enough, I LOVE IT! And I love those highlighters, there is a pink, orange, yellow, green and blue and they all have panda head tops with different expressions on, they are so cute!

Next I got....A PANDORA CHARM!!!

It's a present pandora charm, silver with a gold bow. This is already on my Chamilia bracelet and I love it so much! It was such a thoughtful gift.

Then I got a few other things...

I got a beautiful Kabuki brush, the packaging is really gorgeous, shiny metallic with gold swirly pattern. The brush itself is really soft, I really loved this present. I also got 2 scarves, gorgeous colours and have been wearing them both to death!!

Now for the big amazing prezzies....Where do I start?

The first big present I got was this MAC box, I was so surprised, I could not contain myself! Inside the box was a clear makeup bag, with a large silver circle attached. Inside the makeup bag was 5 MAC makeup brushes. I will list the brushes below...but the most amazing thing about these brushes is that they have clear ends, full of glitter. They are so pretty, couldn't believe that they were mine!

The 5 brushes were, 239SE, 217SE, 212SE, 168SE & 167SE.

Next up is....

How amazing is this? Lady Gaga by Mac 8x eyeshadow palette... I was nearly in tears when I opened this, the colours are neutrals and so shimmery they are amazing! I was so surprised to get this, and I still can't believe it now!

Next there is this...

It's like a Christmas ball from MAC that has 2 pigments in it. I got a pinky pearly colour and a white shimmery colour, the packaging is amazing and I think this is a such a cute, present!

And last but certainly not least!
My favourite present....
The thing you've all seen a million times before but this doesn't stop me from showing it to you, again!

Oh yes, it's the Urban Decay Naked Palette, I have used this everyday for a week and I love it more everytime I use it! It's an amazing palette and as soon as the number 2 comes out in the UK I will be searching high and low for one!

So all in all, I have been spoiled by my amazing friends... I hope you liked everything in this post, i certainly do! Please leave your comments below!

I will be doing another post soon with all of my presents from my parents and grandparents.

Thanks for reading!
Peace, Love, Lipgloss xoxo


  1. Wow such amazing presents you recieved!! Glad you were happy with them too :)

  2. I am very much so! I feel really spoiled! I am a very lucky girl! Xx

  3. Great gifts, I got the naked palette, its my go to for night outs